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Pillar 2/3 Pre-Training & Update on The ‘Pillar School of Power’

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Pillar 2/3 Pre-Training  May 20th, 2017

Of those of you who took the 5-Pillar poll a few weeks ago (see it here),  some were in the place for Pillar 2 or 3 training. I am doing a series of pre-training and Q&A web-calls for those who are waiting for the Pillar 2 and 3 School to be launched. It will be on Saturday May 20th and Saturday May 27th.  This is not the actual school, but rather more of a one-on-one with a small group via web-stream/call – which will be enough to get you all strongly started in growing in power and ability until the school officially starts.  Thus, since it is not the actual school, it is free – though donations are very much appreciated… IF you can do it.   …if not, then do not feel bad, come to it anyway.


I will be communicating about the details of this event via facebook private messaging, for those who are part of the Unveiled Life fb group.  This event is by invitation only. If you want to add someone please contact me. We just need to make sure everyone attending this event is at a certain level so we do not have to lose precious time going over basic doctrines.



The School Status:

The curriculum is coming along just fine. I had to spend a few weeks determining the best path of teaching/curriculum. I could have rushed it, but then something could have been missed… and no one wants that, of course. So, after weeks of waiting, watching, and listening to Him, I have the full map for the direction of the curriculum. The details are being filled in now, and the rest of the curriculum is being written out. And, I fully expect the School to start on time, which is July 1st – if not even earlier.  So, for those who will be attending Pillar 1 School you should start now with Curry Blake’s DHT training because it is the base we start with and it will take you some time to absorb it all if you are new to these matters.   You can find Curry’s DHT training on Youtube. (and, no, I am not affiliated with his ministry in any way)



Click to see Cost & Details on the School:

Cost For The ‘Pillar School of Power’ When It is Launched






AUTHOR - Alianza Machtah

I once was dead but I did not like it, so I left. Now, Another lives in my place and I in His.

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