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Contextual Sight Brings Might

Too many of God’s supernatural warriors are limited in their effectiveness because they don’t understand the battle they are in, nor or how to win it.  Unveiled Kingdoms lifts the veil on what is happening in the world today and on God’s contextual purpose for the Church in human history.  Unveiled Kingdoms will give you a map of the contemporary world and the all too often hidden-from-view battle front that He wants His Ecclesia to engage and enforce that which He overcame. Which, will literally alter history into “HisStory”. You will learn where to aim the power God has put inside you so that we will all “reign in life, through the one man, Jesus Christ.”  No longer will you be a hostage of defeatist thinking, or confused by the events of the day.  Armed with a proper map of the battlefield, which you will get from the Unveiled Kingdoms School, plus the supernatural skill you get from the Unveiled Power School, and tempered with the wisdom you get from Unveiled Evangelism School, God will most certainly use you to shape history. “His will be done on earth as it is in Heaven” is to be our battle cry in this hour and this school will help you make it happen at high levels.

This Division of The Ministry Will Launch After The Power School Is Complete

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