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Author: Alianza

Unveiled Life Accountability
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Does Unveiled Life Have Accountability?

Before I answer, I first want to bring some fuller understanding on the topic.   THE FIRST SIDE OF THE COIN:   The concept of "accountability" does not always apply in every situation. Here's why:   Who kept the Apostles accountable once they had launched out into their respective mission fields?...

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03 November
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5-Fold Offices Unveiled & United: The Teacher, Shepherd, Man-Angel, Fountain, & Foundation Builder

Unveiled Foundations: The Offices and Fullness of Power (ULiveStream 10-28-18) What Are The "Office Gifts" and how can you know if you are called to one? Why Are More Christians Not Walking In Victory, Freedom, Strong Supernatural, Evangelism, etc? Why do some teachers/preachers seem more interesting and...

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01 November