Unveiled Life | Does Unveiled Life Have Accountability?
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Unveiled Life Accountability

Does Unveiled Life Have Accountability?

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Before I answer, I first want to bring some fuller understanding on the topic.




The concept of “accountability” does not always apply in every situation. Here’s why:


Who kept the Apostles accountable once they had launched out into their respective mission fields? Many of them were the pioneers in their respective locales. So, who else was there as an “elder” to keep them accountable? And, yet, not only did they stay on the rails, they changed the world with their work. The Holy Spirit IS the ultimate accountability for real Apostles – (and for the matured Believer). If the foundation needs a foundation then it is not a real foundation but rather a ‘faux foundation’. Also, apostles often times bring foundations that have not been seen before. Who is going to keep them accountable in their vision unless they too have been given the vision? That’s right, there is no one else – but the Lord who called them and thus keeps them in alignment.


Also, those who are mature need not accountability to the degree that the immature does. You do know that, right? So, that being the case – then we see the more the maturity, the less the need for accountability. So then, at what point does someone mature to the point where they need no human accountability? And, if you say “never” then you are yet young in Christ and do not yet know the Word as well as you eventually will because the bible is clear on this. Yes, truly, the Lord is able to keep His own. (This does not mean to forsake fellowship, understand. Because “iron does indeed sharpen iron”)


Yes, truly…
Letting men lord over you is perverse.
But, refusing to be held into account is also perverse.
This is a case of Being Controlled Vs Being Rebellious.
Both are very terrible options.


Let us be controlled by the Holy Spirit. Yes, even at times through the words of matured siblings in Christ! And, submit to those inspired words through their mouths.




And, for those who have asked:


Unveiled Life DOES have lots and lots of accountability.


1) A dozen resident prophets who know instantly if I am not doing well. The Lord tells them in dreams/visions within hours if my heart falters in Him and I get phone calls. Not much privacy. lol (Thank you Father for this. I am appreciative)


2) A board of very matured men and women of God who have each been battle tested in ministry for decades. Many are lifelong pastors, missionaries, church planters, counselors, and elders.


3) And, here’s where I lose the average man:
I have a piercing accountability that is not human and yet very much physical. Those of you who know my story, you know this. But, the angelic princes physically come to see me often. I have photos and videos to prove it. They come to give me guidance and direction when needed. BUT, they also come to rebuke me – or encourage me – when I have let my heart descend in healthy ways. Can you image what it is like to have physical angels appear and tell you to get it together? Let me tell you something… it is bone jarring every time! And the effects, WAY beyond a pastor or leader doing it. Why does this happen? Because I got called into an Office and Mission that requires such. There is too much on the line for me to fail now. That’s why.


I have awesome accountability in place for those who have wondered.




Jeff (Alianza)

AUTHOR - Alianza Machtah

I once was dead but I did not like it, so I left. Now, Another lives in my place and I in His.

  • Neva Zheng | Jun 17, 2019 at 1:40 pm

    Amen!! Bless you brother Jeff and God’s ministry through you!!!!! Truly inspired by your words!

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