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"Since Jeff (Alianza) came into my family's life, it has been like one supernatural thing after another. He got my daughter's blind eye healed, my husband's back, my health issues, and through him even saw God perform a powerful financial miracle. And, now I am seeing God start to use me as well!"


"I have NEVER heard anyone tie together the prophetic camp with the dominion camp so seamlessly, and successfully, in such a way that activates the prophetic domain into the area of dominion, and that activates dominion acts into the realms of the prophetic. This ministry will change things in the Church in strong ways!"

Jessica L.

"I have not felt such manifested power in a meeting since I went to a David Hogan meeting many years ago. These guys walk in what they teach. VERY encouraging because it means I will be walking in it soon, because they know what they are talking about. luv you guys and thank you so much!"

Zach W.

"I have been a Christian for many years and like most Christians I had had life that was only built around the bible scriptures and God was really just an idea to me (though the most cherished one) when it came right down to it. Ever since I took the pillar 2 training, the heavenly realm has SERIOUSLY opened up! I cannot keep up with all that the Spirit of God is doing in my life now! Seeing the future, operating in healing, and MUCH more is now common place! I have never seen a ministry produce this kind of quick fruit. Thank you unveiled life!"

Molly S.