Unveiled Life, LLC | — Chronicles Of An Unveiled Life —
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— Chronicles Of An Unveiled Life —

‘Chronicles of an Unveiled Life’ is a web series of my testimonies, which are shared to inspire and encourage you in the areas of faith, power, spiritual gifts, and dominion of the Believer. I was led to produce this channel after seeing that what I found in Christ is all too uncommon today, which is very grievous.  I realized the words, “when the Son of Man comes, will he find faith on earth?” were what Jesus spoke when showing us what faith looked like.  And, that this same Jesus sharply rebuked His disciples for unbelief that prevented someone from being healed, saying to them, “you perverse and unbelieving generation how long do I have to put up with you?” Jesus always intended – and does still – for His disciples to think nothing of casting mountains into seas.  As BELIEVERS we are expected to BELIEVE.  John 14:12 was not a suggestion but a statement of fact. May these testimonies inspire you and help you on that journey.

Alianza L. Machtah

What’s Possible in Christ

The ‘Chronicles of an Unveiled Life’ Youtube channel is collection of testimonies from Alianza’s journey in Christ. The accounts are not about him, but about YOU, and what you were born to do.  There are nuggets and insights interwoven in each webisode.  While the Unveiled Power section of the ministry exists to educate and guide you, the ‘Chronicles of an Unveiled Life’ webisode exists to impart faith and encourage you in your Unveiled Path of Fullness in Christ.

— Webisodes —

(This is a playlist, which can be seen at the top left corner of the video below)