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Removing The Veil So The Lost Ones

Can See What Was In Plain Sight

Just as the Unveiled Power division of the ministry is built around the ‘5 Pillar Power’ message, which produces unusually effective and extreme power, so too is the Unveiled Evangelism division of this ministry built around a message that produces unusually effective and extreme results.  That message is called the ‘RESET: Redux’ message.

It is the product of 20 years of Alianza’s life spent in outside-the-box journey, research, and experience.  And, those who master it become so effective at evangelism that is not uncommon for over 80% of people to come to Jesus through it. …even without using supernatural.

It is based on the premise that all people want to be loved, to have great purpose, and to not be tortured for eternity – so, therefore they want Jesus but the ideas, language, and experience associated with things “Christian” or “Jesus” have kept them from seeing what we, who know Him, can see.  It then uses concepts, language, and wise strategic communication structures to “defeat their minds, to free their hearts”.

To say it is devastatingly powerful is not an overstatement. Many Church leaders who have heard it have said it will one day become part of the standard issue evangelism kit in the Church because it not only reaches the Lost, but also the Church in the process.


This Division of The Ministry Will Launch After The Power School Is Complete

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