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The Who AND the How

  |   Alianza's Unveiled Power Exhortations, Unveiled Power, Unveiled Power - by Alianza   |   6 Comments

Theories of how the power of God works abound! It seems everyone has a theory about how power works. I hear them all the time. 


But, NEVER listen to one who has no fruit, in that area. Until someone has proven what they believe actually works, then be very suspicious of what they teach in that area. Because, they are, at the moment, theorists only. 


We need it to become common place that ‘thought leaders’ in the Body of Christ try to stick to the areas they know, and when speaking of areas they don’t understand then to be candid and say “from what I understand, this thing works this way” instead of trying to speak with authority when their lack of fruit, in that area in their lives, proves they have no authority in that area.


The fact is, that the power of God IS INDEED, deeply mechanical, NOT purely relational.  Power without relationship is not His will, but relationship without power is also not His will.  We need both Relationship AND Power… and also to realize that while, obviously, one supports the other one certainly does not replace the other


I have had the blessing of walking multi-year seasons where I had 100% results, and have done some exploits that are already recorded in historical record. So, to those who would argue; I do ask you to consider fruit as a witness, beloved.   (why do I not abide there lately, you may ask? {great question, btw, so thank you}  Because, in recent months I have been working 90-hour work weeks here at UL and have had little time to do what I need to do, to still have access to that level of power. I will be back though, once this season of busy-ness is complete). 


Jesus (and James and John too) made it clear that IF we believe without wavering, THEN the thing we were aiming for would be manifest.  …and ONLY then.   This is called an “if/then statement”, or in other words “a logical statement”. THAT, by definition IS mechanics, dear friends.


At the risk of being too clear;  there are MILLIONS of lovely Christians who know Jesus very well and cannot touch the levels of power, that those who have knowledge of this truth, are walking in.  So… so much for the claim that “faith comes from relationship with Jesus”.  Until one has walked in 100% results then they do not fully know what they are talking about.  ….I trust that was not “too clear”.  ;>)


In a sense, Faith in your faith IS believing God’s word….. because His word says the moment you believe and do not waver, then – and ONLY then – the power will come.  In another sense, obviously our faith is toward Him. But, is a wavering faith toward Him really unwavering faith toward Him? NO!  No, indeed.  Thus faith, that does not waver, (toward Him), is the faith on which answered prayer is always manifest!


So, what about all this talk out there of “no, it is about having faith in God/Jesus”?


My way of saying it and that way of saying it, is in many ways the same thing, just worded differently. But, the way I am saying it, unlike that other way of saying it, helps to flush-out why John 14:12 has been such a mystery to most people. If “having faith in Jesus” (meaning, just trying to believe He would manifest the prayer – without focusing on the “HOW TO” aspect of how exactly to believe Him without wavering) was actually working to manifest John 14:12, then those who say this stuff would have been walking in John 14:12. And, they just simply are not. 


See, when you believe God’s Word, then you believe GOD! And, His word says when you believe, THEN it will happen. Period.
And, if one labors under the delusion just “having faith in Jesus” is all it takes, and they forsake the mechanical aspect of this thing, then they will be falsely be focused on…


the WHO, and never the HOW!


And, THAT my friends is the PROVEN recipe for failing to walk in the fullness of John 14:12. Just look around you, in the Church, to see what I mean.


So, mighty ones in Christ….


With this very elementary thing out of the way, may we all then spend our time on learning how to grow in unwavering faith, and no longer just the who of this equation to supernatural success in Christ.


And, YES, it can indeed be grown. And, in the Pillar Power School we teach you how.


But, until you take the school, here are some really quick nuggets on how to increase in faith:


1) Soft Inner Ears Believe Him Better: We know the bible says, “Faith comes by hearing, and hearing by the Word(rhema, NOT logos) of God/Christ”.  And, we know that Jesus said there are those who “have ears but cannot hear”. (read Mark 8:17-21).  So, understand this means that when you live life TRULY sold out to Jesus’ realities in your life (aka ‘considering His realities and truths every hour of every day’), you will then by default be maintaining a soft heart that CAN “hear” His whispers to your heart/”ears” as you live life in Him.  And, thus, your ability to believe Him at His word will greatly strengthen!  (And, yes, He can and does indeed also speak rhemas through the bible).


2) Like it or not, faith DOES come by sight!!  This is a simple fact. Those, who have maintained soft, “hearing”, hearts in Him and have also been around supernaturally answered prayer, do indeed have more faith for it than most of those who have never seen anything happen. When you have seen Him do something supernatural, you need to meditate upon it often, consider it DEEPLY, and never take your inner eyes(thoughts) off of His goodness as proven by that manifestation you witnessed).  THIS is then “beholding His glory” and by doing so, you will indeed be transformed into ever increasing levels of His glory/power/faith/etc (2 Cor :18).


3) Intimacy with Holy Spirit!
It is hard to believe someone you barely know, and it is easy to believe someone you know VERY well. Thus, if we are not spending as many hours a day as we can, in His manifest presence, communing with Him, worshipping Him, loving on Him, fellowshipping with Him… then God will INDEED feel very distant to you. SO, turn off that TV, smash the “smart phone” (or sell it), and “redeem the time” as we are commanded to do in the bible by spending that time, that was normally wasted, now with our Daddy!!


There are other powerful pointers, which are taught in the Pillar Power School, but these are some of the main ones that if acted upon faithfully will indeed increase our faith in the area of KNOWING (not hoping) He will answer us/manifest our prayers.


Draw near to His ideas/realities with ALL your mind
Draw near to His heart with ALL your spirit
Draw near to Him via a life of obedience in ALL your flesh.


…..and if you do…..


then when you “Speak to the mountain to go into the sea”, you will then find there will be an ABILITY in you to believe it, without one drop of doubt! You will then KNOW, not hope!


….and that “mountain” of yours will then be ripped from the land and cast into the sea!


So, whatever your “mountain” is, this is HOW to grow into the type of person than can move it.  And, there are no shortcuts, beloved.  No, not even for me. If I abide then I have power, and if I get too busy and don’t abide then I do not have great power, outside the gifts He gave me.


HE is the vine!
And, without HIM saturating our hearts and minds then we have NOTHING!


May we keep our eyes on Him (the Who), and stay aware of the Process (the HOW) He prescribed!  Those who do, will then move in John 14:12.


Mighty Ones, You Are Blessed In Him so KNOW it!



AUTHOR - Alianza Machtah

I once was dead but I did not like it, so I left. Now, Another lives in my place and I in His.

  • Onukogu JudeMary | Oct 3, 2017 at 4:13 am

    What I have learnt in Pillar 1 school so far has literarily transformed my life. I am hungry to move on to more greater things. Thank God I found you bro. You are a gift to me!

    • Alianza | Oct 9, 2017 at 2:51 am

      Blessings on you brother! :>)

  • Scott Fontenot | Sep 24, 2017 at 12:21 am

    Alianza, as I have heard you say several times now, ” I have all the cool stories for a reason”, is beginning to make sense to me now. These ” nuggets” you share with us are precious to me. I am glad I have you as my Teacher/Mentor. Of all the people the Father could have connected me with when I discovered Curry Blake first, and now you, proves to me that God is with me and wants me to walk in the fullness of Christ like I have never known. I realize I have a lot more “flesh killin'” to do. It’s a process I know, but one that I am learning, thanks to you brother. Many blessing to you and yours, in Christ, Scott.

    • Alianza | Sep 25, 2017 at 3:57 am

      Blessings on you mighty brother! I am glad it is starting to “click” for ya! Godspeed to a quick, but thorough, growth in His grace and power! :>)

  • Melodie Moss | Sep 23, 2017 at 2:43 am

    I know this, I know this, I know this, but sometimes struggle getting it from head knowledge to heart knowledge. Your classes are helping me get there, so a huge thank you for offering them! I also find myself as of late, playing over and over in my thoughts the miraculous encounters I have seen and Holy Spirit has been reminding me of how good God has been to me personally in profound ways. Revelation of His love seems to be key. Since the death of my sister my head messes with me some concerning healing in particular and has admittedly shaken my faith for a time. I want to tap in to the mechanics like you describe and practice it so much that it becomes my nature. I will get there. Thank you again for your school and ministry! Be blessed!

    • Alianza | Sep 25, 2017 at 4:02 am

      Blessings on you mighty sister! :>)

      Your heart is actually what knows this stuff. It is the head that has to be “renewed”. The problem is that most folks have been told that a “renewed mind” is simply memorizing scripture and acting “Christian like”. That is a tremendous disservice to us because a renewed mind is a mind that just instinctively thinks like the Spirit that lives in their “heart”(spirit). And, that process just takes time. But, the more we are focused “things above” instead of “things below” then the faster that process can happen.

      Just keep moving forward in Him and in what you know. When you do that, time will actually move quicker than you’d think.


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