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Unveiled Insights

Mechanical Power & A Right Heart

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This is a quick sample of Pillar 3 insights:

Our heart has to really be with God. No, REALLY.  Don’t say it is and then give our love to the world and/or to dead religion.  God is relational but power itself is very mechanical. “Out of our bellies flow rivers of living water”, remember? God gave us something, and now it’s ours to steward faithfully.


It’s important to know that Satan and demons don’t have intrinsic power.  They just use the power that’s out there.  Similar to atomic power – it can be used to generate power that converts to electricity powering businesses and homes, or it can be used for mass destruction. The fallen spiritual beings use the power that is there, but through their own spirits/hearts so that when it comes out, the presence of God is not in it. It is “dead/death” power, even when its strongly manifest.  There’s demonic deception out there, but the power that is used – even for those purposes – is the power that God has created.  Those evil beings were the first sorcerers, harnessing God’s power via wisdom(think Balaam) – not relationship(think Elijah)!


Because it is the heart that directs the flow of power, once faith has connected us to it, we therefore need to watch out for things that tempt our heart. Such as the “3Gs” – Gold, Glory, Girls, which are some of the most common ones. They can take a man of God out – and often have.  It has to be like the ring in the Lord of the rings – walk away from it before it destroys you. Out of our hearts flow power so those hearts must be pure or the power we tap into can eventually start manifesting as demonic energy/power.


In our relationship with God, he is above ALL. To live like He is above “most” is not living as He is above ALL, is it? No!  Taking God’s name in vain is simply when, after we have become His, we then start not being faithful, but rather sleeping with the world and/or dead religion.  Those who live in such a way should be cut off from training in the higher levels of God’s power because they would follow in the footsteps of Lucifer if not kept from that training.


When it comes to mechanics of God’s power, we need to watch out for religiously conditioned cognitive dissonance.  We have learned to perceive Biblical ideas with a certain slant and hearing as it really is, is very hard for those who have alot false theological beliefs.  A lot of those false ideas need to be brought down or entering into the power of God will never happen. Wondering of you may be stuck in such a mental cycle of self-defeating beliefs?  Then, just remember this: if you can’t make it work no matter how hard you try – something is wrong with your theology. So, stop – check the heart for idols of dead religion and clean them out – and, then keep going.

In the end, dead power from the demonic and dead religion are some of the greatest tools of Satan.  Because, dead power is the way the demonic realm accesses power… and dead religion is the false construct that Satan has installed to keep God’s mighty unveiled ones from walking the Living Power, He made available to them.

These are several topics just mentioned in brief passing, which are thoroughly taught in Pillar 3 Power school.

AUTHOR - Alianza Machtah

I once was dead but I did not like it, so I left. Now, Another lives in my place and I in His.

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