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He Lives in the Universe, Inside You.

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It’s a fascinating thing to me that we can be strangers to our ourselves.

In cultures where there is no rat race they are often aware of this deeper reality but in the Western-type cultures we’re many times too busy to be aware of our inner-level of life…. until the point of death, when all flashes clearly before us.


…Slow down.


Pay attention to the subtle things around you — and, more importantly, in you.

…to those inner storms that need to be calmed by repentance and basking in His cleansing presence.

…to those anxieties and tremblings that need to be destroyed by the healing presence of trust in Him.

…to those wild wandering thoughts and emotions that taunt you by making you feel that you have no control over them.

…to that unbelief and wavering faith that can only be replaced by the installation of face-to-face faith, byway of beholding His presence over long periods of time.


….and, SO, SO much more.


And, when you’ve done such long enough, as a way of life, then you’ll begin to see that 99% of your life is in that unseen realm that was there all along though totally ignored – and only 1% in the physical realm around you.  You will discover that your connection to the Holy Spirit can be seen, heard, felt, and tangibly moved with.  You will discover a literal universe within you, in Him, and will find the reasons you sought “more of Him” over the years but did not find it….


….was because you’d been looking in the wrong place.


The Spirit of God is INSIDE you, says the bible.


He, that is IN you, is the Door to things so deep… so beautiful… so eternal… so unspeakable….


…that they must been seen and experienced to be comprehended.
And, until you do… these words will just sound foolish to the extreme.

Just a friendly reminder.

AUTHOR - Alianza Machtah

I once was dead but I did not like it, so I left. Now, Another lives in my place and I in His.

  • Emily Troy | Aug 30, 2017 at 10:39 am

    Such a great reminder. 🙂

  • JudeMary Onukogu | Apr 24, 2017 at 2:12 pm

    Love this. Thanks

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