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Eternal Majesty in Temporal Form

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Words on a screen can no more manifest what I want to share here than can hieroglyphics on a cave wall induce the rush of endless, explosive emotions you feel with that first love you had as a young man/woman. From images on rock, I share this. I so hope some will see it….


“Oh God, I will stay here for the sake of those You want to reach through me… but I am so horrifically bored with this small limited world and it’s Endless Mountains of Pettiness.


And, as for those fellow precious Christ-enlightened souls who walk the dirt here for now with me – I ask You to burn into their eyes the image of your Ancient Face so beautifully… so violently…. that their epic, and endlessly burning, Jesus-filled Divine hearts would lose all interest with this passing world and its fads, illusions, pettiness, and mirrors…


…and thus meet me on the fields of the Eternal planes of Purpose, in that Secret Place, where we can be one with each other just as You are one with each of us individually.”


Guys, I wish I was there with you each and everyone so you could feel the Force of Fire emanating out of me at this inner vision right now. The walls are physically cracking and popping. …the computer monitor snapping and shifting from the atmospheric pressure. (yes, that happens sometimes with me.


I know many of you will not understand, and some may even flinch, but Mighty Ones….
the Bible says you will soon be as gods – in Christ. ….eternal in scope, grand in majesty, and endless in Glory. Our brief race through this Dirt World will be over before you know it. I look forward to looking upon your real faces, you who have also run well in Him here, and seeing His very Glory as pigmentation in your skin …shining forth in rays of radioactive splendor.  There, we will be as He is…. and know all things even as we are known. …there we will be what we started to be in this life. From earthly seeds into divine, eternal trees!


Can you see this?


Through tears of fire, I so hope some of you can.


This God-forsaken Dirt World will be forgotten within mere moments of our arrival into the plains of our Eternal, and Native, Home.  And, what we were all along down here will then be FULLY comprehended in the minds of each and every one of us.




I do not intend on waiting for this empty, temporal world to pass before I come to see, with clear shining eyes, what I am in Him, here… now!!


The Word says His Glory lives in mud vessels for now.
But, He invites you – and I – to break these clay pots and surge what we really are through the cracks until the light, so bright, consumes these mud pots into piles of carnal ash.


But, this will not…. this cannot… happen to those who are part of the pettiness of Dirt Life.


LOOK OVER THIS HILL WITH THE EYES OF FAITH and grasp firmly this vision.


In Christ, you are born from, and of, another world.


A world, we can bring here now to put on awesome display unto the glory of our Father.


… if we will but believe such as we read here.

AUTHOR - Alianza Machtah

I once was dead but I did not like it, so I left. Now, Another lives in my place and I in His.

  • Natalia Oreshko | Jul 22, 2019 at 8:27 am

    It’s an Anquish in our soul that reflects His passion for all humanity

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