Unveiled Life, LLC | Part XII – The Party System
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Part XII – The Party System

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God’s Kingdom advances through a pattern of successive reforms. When a reform is completed, people who were believers in the reform, but who themselves are not reformers, but institutionalists, take over. With time it becomes a “party” system, where those who are in power reinforce their power against those who are not in power, not primarily because of an ideal, but because of the power itself.


The “party” system is simple. To be a member of the party you must believe in what the party believes. This protects it from any possibility of internal reform. If the party has fundamentally compromised on a certain issue it is impossible to reform from within because in order to become a member of the part, you too must also compromise on that issue to be accepted within and move up. Party systems operate on a scale from ideological purity to plain mafia. An ideological purity party system is primarily based on making sure everyone holds to a shared ideal. Now as long as the ideal is a true one, this can be a good thing — much like ascribing to the core tenants of the Christian faith in a denomination. On the other hand, the mafia system is based on a shared sin. Once you do your first “hit” for the mafia, you are one of them. You are basically all in on it together, and the bond you have to the party is stronger than any other bond you have, partly because people who have seared their conscience take ease in the presence of others who have seared their consciences in the same way, and partly because the other people “have your number.”


A truly demonic system will always have concentric circles of sin indoctrination designed to slowly move from from an idealist to a completely compromised operative. As you move deeper you become more compromised, more beholden to the system, less likely to repent, and more of an oppressor to the truth. Some parties have enough power to show who they are, but often times they exist as a hidden elite within a particular organization They may not be “hidden” if they are the official leaders of the organization, but the basis of their shared corruption is. Everyone thinks they are just an elected member of the group, when in reality they are a part of the hidden party.


Now this sounds more conspiratorial than it is. I’m not talking about conspiracies that people knowingly take part in here (althought they work in similar ways) but primarily about how any power functions within a system even beyond people’s conscious understanding. You may be moving into the party and you don’t even really know it. You will really only know the party exists when you try to defy it and see what happens. This happens to fringe political candidates all of the time. When they try to bring an alternative message to the stage, the party will do a lot of things to try and stop or dismiss them. Ghandi said it extremely well when he said “First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win”

AUTHOR - Will Riddle

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