Unveiled Life, LLC | Part VIII – Haman in Geopolitics
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Part VIII – Haman in Geopolitics

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The discussion of Haman is important not because he’s the only kind of power player out there, but because he is the primary one that can stop you and hurt others. The people that are just out to save their own necks cannot compete with kind of respect, sacrificial ethic and God-breathed talent you should bring to a situation. Moreover individual politics with Haman are representative of the way that geopolitics work as well. The devil is always trying to bring “Haman” governments into power. Those which are more than worldly and blind, those which are proactively demonic and evil. Hitler was the best recent example, although Stalin fits the profile very well too. Interesting that these two men went head to head. Stalin’s stunned reaction to Hitler breaking their pact of friendship clearly shows that Hitler was the more evil of the two and therefore more dangerous. Had it not been for the intervention of the Western powers, Hitler would have won it all.


This leads into the key point: every war in the world is either about the more wicked “Haman” powers gaining more power, or they are about challenging the “Mordecai” powers. The devil’s goal is to wipe all of the Christians and Jews off the Earth. If he could do that, it would be game over, because the rest of the world could not resist him, whether he wanted their worship or just wanted to kill them all. Therefore the devil’s goals are political, like it or not. He wants to gain enough political power to accomplish this extermination purpose. Therefore although God’s Kingdom is not political, God uses political powers to protect the church from the Haman powers.


Since the Reformation at least, this has been a very simple story. Catholic countries, incited by the Pope, did everything the could to eradicate the Protestant ones. The gave way to secular powers trying eradicate both Catholic and Protestant powers. In the first era, the “good guys” were Germany, Britain, Holland and the Nordics. In the second era, Britain and the United States have been the key protagonists. Although the political ends of these “good guys” were not universally in line with God’s purposes at any given time, and were never in majority born again people, their orientation in the world was essentially as political defender of the faith against any and every political beast that the devil could raise against them.


Some people are likely to hear this as some kind of “Western” pride, but it should be quickly recognized that the most advanced “Western”, “Protestant” nation also became the most sinister political beast of all time: Germany. It is not beyond belief that America, as the greatest force for Gospel propagation in history, could follow the same path in the not too distant future, and that a non-Western nation like China could play the role of Mordecai. What is however important to recognize is that in the current political moment, America plays the Mordecai role. If the devil were to succeed in removing American political power tomorrow, not only would great political atrocities by the other major powers follow, but the advance of the gospel would be severely curtailed — quite a prize for the enemy indeed. Those who want America to fall are singing the devil’s song.

AUTHOR - Will Riddle

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