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Welcome To Will's Insights

Welcome to Will’s blog.  He contributes around here by sharing his contextual insights. Meaning, he lets you know what all that great power in Christ, that you learned to move in around here, is good for – on a large scale. Healing, evangelism, etc is only part of the picture and Will’s insights will help you see the rest of the picture to help you be a part of the great things the Lord will do in our lifetimes. He also lends his insights to help train students in Pillar 1 Power School, in the pastoral area.

Unveiled Context Insights

Part XII – The Party System
God’s Kingdom advances through a pattern of successive reforms. When a reform is completed, people who were believers in the reform, but who themselves are not reformers, but institutionalists, take ...
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Part XI – How the Kingdoms Advance Geopolitically
Although the governments of men are legitimate political actors who influence history by seeking their own self interest, behind all political power is ultimately the war between the Spiritual forces ...
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Part X – Authority and the Two Kingdoms
Since the rise of the shepherding movement in the 1970’s the church has been uniquely aware of spiritual authority. The Shepherds looked over to the Jesus Movement, saw the born ...
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Part IX – Spiritual Power and Healing
We know from Daniel, that one of the most righteous, “prayed up” men on earth at the time had to waith three weeks for an answer due to warfare being ...
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Part VIII – Haman in Geopolitics
The discussion of Haman is important not because he’s the only kind of power player out there, but because he is the primary one that can stop you and hurt ...
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Part VII – Shrewd as Serpents: Dealing with Haman
With this seeming paradox, Jesus gives one of the most important nuggets of wisdom for dealing with the powers of this world. As Christians we find ourselves in a unique ...
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Pillar 1 Insights

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